Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sandy and I have been working on the events that we will be having this summer. We are trying to get some big name authors to make it up to the bookshop, but it's really hard to get many people past Boston. It makes it even harder that we are a tiny bookshop in the Midcoast and most of the people that we get are either already from the area or are going to be vacationing in the area around the time they will do a signing. I'm not above bribing people with lobsters or any other Maine oriented thing that I have at my disposal. I sent out a request to our Harper sales representative and hopefully she will get back to us soon. I would really like to have some successful author events this summer and with Sandy and the rest of the bookshop as backup, I think that this could be a possibility.

Sometimes author events just fall in our lap, such as one that we will be having this summer (not to be revealed just yet) but most of the time it's a struggle to get people. I was convinced that I was going to get Bill Bryson, because he lived in New Hampshire, but then it turned out he had moved back to England. I unfortunately don't think I have enough persuasive powers to get someone to cross the Atlantic for a book event at our store.

Speaking of events, my brother will be getting married this weekend, so there will be a lack of blog posts until probably Tuesday. I apologize for this in advance. I am also going down to a NEIBA (New England Independent Booksellers Association) advisory council meeting. I am on the educational committee and will be brainstorming different workshops that will be put at future NEIBA events. These workshops are enhance our bookselling skills and make our industry stronger.

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