Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Today Douglas Preston's newest novel came out in hardcover. It's called Blasphemy and his wife said that he was quite excited about this book. His wife and his mother, Dorothy, come in here quite often. In fact his wife made quite a large purchase yesterday, due to the fact that we are going to be closed for a week. Those are two of our nicest customers, but it's hard to say that when we have so many wonderful people that come in.

His next book, that is coming out in July, is called The Monster of Florence. I'm quite excited about that one, because it's non-fiction and about a serial killer in Italy. Doug was researching about this killer and got so wrapped up into the story, that he became part of the story. In fact, he was arrested while in Italy, but then released since there was no reason for them to be holding him. There was a Dateline episode that was dedicated to this story, but unfortunately, I missed it. I'm hoping that it is online so that I can watch it and then read the book when it comes out. Now, Sandy and I have to get to work sorting out the store before inventory. Expect a big update with pictures of what is going on here.

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