Saturday, December 29, 2007

Today has started out quite slowly. Neila and Frank are both here. I've written three staff picks for the website and Frank is currently writing up some of his. I keep trying to convince Neila that she needs to write some, but she keeps telling me that all she is reading are classics for high school classes. I'm convinced that she needs to do some extracurricular reading more often.
We have quite big news. We will be closed the week of January 14th through the 20th. We will be reopening the 21st. This is due to our bookshop aquiring a new point of sales system and also doing inventory. There will also be some major housekeeping issues that will be addressed at that time, along with the bathrooms getting a much needed makeover. The cafe will only be closed for a few days, but the bathrooms will not be accessable during that week. There will also be no way for books to be sold during that time period, even though the cafe is open. The cafe will be taking over the newspaper duty, thankfully, so there will be New York Times for people that are dedicated readers. This is a big change for the bookshop, and we hope that it will be a smooth transition for everyone.
Thankfully the weather didn't turn out to be as horrid as the newscasters forcasted for us. I don't think the rest of the state turned out as lucky as we on the coast are. I still think it is a day to stay in and read. Rainy and snowy days are always sleepy and perfect for reading. At least in my humble opinion they are.
We should be having an update for the website coming up the first of January. The staff picks are updated on a monthly basis, the newsletter is as well and the calendar will also be updated.

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