Monday, December 31, 2007

It's so snowy today! Susan and Barnaby (the collective bosses) are stuck in their driveway this morning. Even using their truck, they were unable to make it out. Hopefully the snow will start to be cleared up now that it is starting to slow down. The bookshop is never busy during snowy days, at least not until the afternoon rolls around. It does tend to pick up then, as long as it isn't snowing very hard. The die-hard cafe fans always make the trip in. Luke and Seth are manning the cafe today. They are the ones who always make it in, no matter the weather outside.
Neila and I shall use this slow day to alphabetize and organize the bookshop, due to the post-Christmas disorder. I may also get some returns out, since we are trying to get everything cleaned up and cleared out before we do our big inventory in two weeks. Nerves are getting a little frayed, since learning the new system, Anthology, is going to be hard for quite a few. Learning something new will always take some time, so I hope that our customers will be patient with us while we go through the weeks after we reopen.

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