Sunday, March 2, 2008

It has been an entire week since I have blogged last! I started an entry yesterday about how it was snowing, but then got sidetracked by moving large book cases around. I personally wasn't moving them, that was a job for the BM (Building Manager), Barnaby. He kept trying to tell me how busy he was, trying to order window stickers about the bookshop, but I told him how much more important this job was. He and I shifted the bookcases so that we are able to see each side from the front desk. We then reorganized the front of the store. I moved the new hardcover fiction from the right side of the store to where our new and noteworthy non-fiction was. That is now in the section that the paperback fiction was, which is now where the paperback non-fiction is! How seemingly confusing, but when you see it you will love it. Frank and I agreed that the flow of the store is much better now. Where we had hardcover new fiction we now have an entire wall devoted to staff picks, which is a very popular feature in our store. I now will have to get people to write little cards up for each staff pick that is there. Not an easy task, but I'm sure we can get it done!
The staff pick wall also has a smaller section that is devoted to Book Sense picks for each month. If you don't know what a Book Sense pick is, they are books that are hand picked by independent booksellers across the United States. We write reviews and then send them into the Book Sense staff that will pick which books will be featured each month. In the handout they send each participating store, there are reviews from the booksellers for each book that was picked for the month. Our store has had a few bookseller reviews in it over the past couple of years. I think Sue Richardson is in the current issue of Book Sense for Ice Trap or it could have been the February issue. It's hard to keep up with them sometimes with the months going by so fast.

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