Saturday, March 8, 2008

Barnaby is always giving me books that he liked to read, so that I can then read them. I am currently reading Too Far From Home, which is currently a Staff Pick for Barnaby on our website:
It's definitely a book that is written about guys, for guys. The women in the story take a side seat and are only supporting characters to the drama that unfolds. The author emphasizes how they are only supporting characters constantly. The story is about the three men that are stranded in the international space station after the space shuttle Columbia's accident. It is a book that I don't want to put down, because the author does have such a sense of the men's emotions that they are going through during this event. Imagine how hard it is to be so far from Earth and not sure that you will ever make it home. There is also a lot of history included about the space program, on the American side of it and the Russian side. I've learned a lot about the experience of an astronaut and I highly recommend anyone who likes adventure or scientific books to give this one a go. It's written so that it is easy to read and isn't bogged down by technical details. I read this book while I'm getting ready to fall asleep at night.It's hard to put it down when my eyes are drowsy, because I might be in a section that is packed with action and I have to know what is going to occur.

I'm turning into an adventure junkie, now with astronauts in addition to all the Everest books I just have to read.


Anonymous said...

The U.S. and Russian space programs are hardly the exclusive domain of men. Vast numbers of women are employed in both programs, and many have gone into space, including two of our own, who died there. It ain't just a guy thing.

The janitor

Bobbi said...

Dear Janitor,
I was just referring to this book and how it was written. I have reached the point where the three men in the space station have watched the movie turned into a female astronaut cult classic, so there are obviously women included in the space program. Thank you for your comment though!

Anonymous said...

I'm having a little trouble understanding your first sentence here:
"Barnaby is always giving me books that he liked to reading so that I can then read them."

- your secret ANONYMOUS admirer