Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The manager of the Peak called today in order to discuss the book club. The Dj's have already started the book and did a couple of segments on the radio station last Friday. I hope that there is a positive response to the book club. I know that I'm going to listen to the Peak this Friday at 1pm, which is when they will have the book club spot.

I've been trying to talk up Lou Ureneck's book, Backcast, since we are having a signing for him on November 29th. I've started reading the book and am currently on page 103 or around it. It's actually a really good story of a father and a son on a fishing trip to Alaska. Lou is trying to use the trip in order to re-connect with his son after a divorce tore them apart. I've enjoyed the book due to the wonderful travel writing, with the added storyline of Lou reflecting upon his life. There are a lot of humorous parts of the book that have to do with a teenager being frustrated with pretty much everything that a parent does. I could relate to that due to the fact that only five or six years ago I myself was one of those teenagers. It's interesting to have an outsider's viewpoint into a situation that I went through when I was younger. I feel sorry for anyone that has a teenager!!

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