Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The bookshop and The Peak have teamed up for a book club that two of the DJ's will host on Friday's. I'm not quite sure of the details yet, but the first book they have picked is going to be Eric Clapton's autobiography "Clapton". We are supplying the books that they are reading and will be giving away on air. I find this to be an exciting partnership opportunity. The two DJ's will be coming in sometime early this coming week and I'll have some more information to post about it when they do. Their website is, but as of right now I didn't see any information about the book club.

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Spiff said...


Great site! :D

If you want to inbed links into your posts just type <a href="">here</a> and it'll provide a easy link that looks somewhat like this: Their website is please visit!

All the best, and I'll give that book a shot.