Thursday, April 17, 2008

One of the nicest things about either giving a book to someone or loaning it to them is the fact that they someday might turn around and loan you a book. One of the boys (Ben to be specific) from the bookshop's young adult book club just came in to loan me a copy of Siddhartha by Herman Hesse. This was one of the books that we had in the list for options that the club might pick to read for the month. Instead we decided on The Kite Runner. Now I get to read it! I have so many books at home that I should be reading, however I'm also in a book rut at the moment. I'm re-reading High Crimes by Michael Kodas, since he will be at the library on May 10th. Besides that one book there isn't anything else I really want to read at my house! It's a shame to be surrounded by piles of books and not know which one to pick up. Now I don't have to bother making that difficult choice.

Another reminder, tomorrow is the Midcoast Sustainable Energy Expo at the YMCA. Please go! It's free to get in and we are going to have a table packed full of books on sustainability. We even have some great books for kids. On Saturday we will be having a couple of authors at our table, so come back if you came on Friday!

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