Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's funny how once a dog sees that you are down on their level and want to take a picture of them, they rush right in to sniff out what is happening. My own dog does the same thing, making it very difficult to take a picture of ol' Woofie. In this picture Teddy is rushing in to say hi to me, while Cooper is being slightly pushed to the side. It was a dog convention in the bookshop yesterday, with Raymond in here and also a surprise appearance from Blueberry. I had never seen Blueberry before, but he is a puppy that looks a lot like Fly (Sandy's dog who is in the Photo Gallery). We also had a golden retriever and a black lab. I think I might have lost count of all the dogs that we had in here, but every one of them got along. Sometimes not all the dogs in here get along, but one can't expect every dog to like every other dog. It's not like every person likes every single other person they meet. We fortunately do not bite or growl at each other when we do come along someone who is disagreeable to us.

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