Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The buzz around trivia...

has been amazing. There will be a press release in the Lincoln County News this week and it will include a picture of the winners. The next trivia, as stated before, is March 14th at 5pm. In order to get ready for trivia night, I suggest the following reading material:

You never know what information is actually useless, until you try to come up with an answer in a trivia night. I like to get questions that will go across the board of knowledge and include everyone in the game. I really want more people to come in next time and the people that I've talked to so far who didn't go to this past one, really do want to attend next time.
I was watching the Today show this morning and they were discussing how Americans are lacking in knowledge. They had the author of the Intellectual Devotional on discussing this topic in length. I'm convinced that we have brilliant citizens in our area, unlike some of the people they had polled on the city streets.

The Intellectual Devotional is set up so that you have 365 days of reading material, each page is a new day and new information for you to learn. The information in the book is varied and interesting. I'm going to get a copy of each one, there is a general one and then one that is focused on American History. I take trivia questions from the information in the Intellectual Devotional books and the Useless Trivia books as well. I also have my backup question creator, Barnaby, who comes up with the essential Damariscotta Trivia and Lincoln County trivia.

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Johnny said...

is there a Lincoln County trivia group at some online trivia game? i would love to join it if someone can give details. i searched for it in www.triviatank.com but couldn't find any