Saturday, December 1, 2007

Lou Ureneck Event

The event that we had for Lou Ureneck went quite well, I feel. There wasn't as large of a crowd as I would have liked to have, but Lou did give a good reading and talk about his book. My parents came to it, which is amazing, since they hardly ever go out for anything. My mother really enjoyed Backcast and my father is starting to read it now that he saw Lou speak.
The first picture is of my mother getting her copy of Backcast signed by Lou, after his major faux pas of assuming she wasn't a fisherman. Susan Porter is in the background.

Sandy and I are obviously very hard at work, selling books while Lou signs them.

Although the crowd was small, it was a good crowd, and we did sell a lot of books. I found Lou's talk to be very interesting and humorous at times, as did the rest of the crowd. The audience asked well thought out questions that prompted honest and thoughtful answers from Lou. It is nice to have such an open discourse with an author and to have the opportunity for such.

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