Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Today at the bookshop we have been doing a little winter cleaning. Going through the children books and seeing what is old and not selling and reorganzing so that they are easier for customers to find and easier for us to put away! Hopefully this reorganizing will be beneficial for everyone. It's amazing how many Christmas books that we get in for kids during this time of the year.

Another thing that happened today was that Ha Jin's latest book finally arrived at the bookshop! A Free Life is one of the best novels i've read in a long time. I'm not one to read fiction very often, but I love Ha Jin's writing style. It is also a booksense pick for November and I just happen to be the one that wrote the blurb for it. When you pick up the November copy of Booksense at the bookshop make sure to read my review! I've shown pretty much everyone at the bookshop, my family and my friends. I was in Boston this past week and I noticed that Ha Jin was doing a signing at the Boston University book store. I really wish that I could go back down to see him, since I saw him speak at the New England Independent Booksellers Association's meeting back in September. He is really funny and nice too! I went up to him afterwards to get him to sign my advance copy of A Free Life and he couldn't have been any nicer. It is really important to me when an author I really like is actually a nice person as well.

Don't forget! Early bird this weekend!

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jcosgrove35325 said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! We're glad your here. After standing out front of the Bookstore trying to fundraise for the Rotary Club I'm too cold to blog about Early Bird so we're just linking back to you! Pressure's on!